A Dog Park for West Hartford

The West Hartford Dog Park Coalition is a volunteer organization in West Hartford, Connecticut. The group’s goal is to create a public/private partnership with the Town of West Hartford in order to establish a dog park in our community.  The WHDPC has established a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt corporation to facilitate fundraising.

The WHDPC was formed in 2008 and has been a strong group in the community since its inception. The Coalition is made up of a committed leadership team and hundreds of dedicated West Hartford residents. The group has taken an active role in the community working on the dog park project, participating in both the Memorial Day and Park Road Parades, hosting a booth at Celebrate West Hartford, and implementing the most anticipated dog event of the season, the Pooch Plunge, a dog swim held every August.

The WHDPC is dedicated to identifying a suitable location within West Hartford, and working with the town government to make the dog park a reality.  We will raise the money necessary to build and operate the park – no tax money will be spent on the park.

It is a gift from the dog lovers of West Hartford to our community.