Pooch Plunge 2018

It’s time for the Pooch Plunge!

New Location this year: Beachland Park

847 Quaker Ln S, West Hartford, CT 06110

Monday August 20, 2018
Session 1: 4:00 – 5:20 pm
Session 2: 5:30 – 6:50 pm

Dogs MUST be currently licensed with tags.
Owners must sign a Town of West Hartford waiver form.

$5 entrance fee per dog, per session.
Pay cash at the door, or pay in advance via Paypal:

Download the waiver form here
By paying in advance, and downloading, printing and signing the waiver, you can skip the line, have your dog’s license tag checked, and in you go!

Pooch Plunge Rules are as follows:

  • Participation in the Pooch Plunge is at your own risk, including, but not limited to risk of injury to persons or dogs. By entering, participants assume full liability and responsibility for the actions of their dogs, themselves and accompanying children.
  • Dogs must have a current dog license.
  • At all times supervise your dog and your children.
  • Pick up the poop!
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Swimming by humans is not allowed.
  • No food, for humans or dogs, is allowed inside the pool area.
  • Personal toys are not allowed. We will provide tennis balls for your retrieving pleasure.
  • You are here to have fun. In the case of any conflict between dogs or humans, ALL parties will be required to leave. Dogs must be accompanied and controlled by their owners.
  • No food in the fenced area, please.

Brought to you by the West Hartford Dog Park Coalition, and the Town of West Hartford Department of Leisure Services (hey, it’s their pool!)