The WHDPC to honor the War Dogs of the Vietnam War

The organizers of the Memorial Day Parade have asked marchers to do something special this year to honor veterans of the Vietnam War.  The Dog Park Coalition plans to highlight the over 4,000 dogs who served in the war.  The dogs are credited with averting 10,000 casualties.  Only 209 left Vietnam, and none returned to civilian life.






We’ve reached out to the Vietnam Dog Handlers Association. We’ve invited their local members to join us for the parade; hopefully some will join us.  I recently received a package of t-shirts from them –  it will look very cool, many of us in white WHDPC t-shirts, with others in black War Dog shirts. They will be free to those who where them in the parade.  The shirts look like this:

Free t-shirts at the Parade

T-shirts courtesy of the Vietnam Dog Handlers Association

For more info on Vietnam War dogs:


For even more information on our canine heroes, just Google “Vietnam War Dogs”.