UConn Site & the Memorial Day Parade

Is there a WH Dog Park on the horizon?

As you probably have heard, UConn is moving its campus to downtown Hartford, and the State is selling the property.  There is a deal in the works with Weiming Educational Group, for use as an international high school. It will probably take until the end of this year for the deal to be finalized.

There is a strong possibility that the Town will end up owning the portion of the property east of Trout Brook Drive, where the parking lots are currently.  There is a possibility that a portion of that area could be used for a dog park.

If the town gets the land, what do we need to do to get our dog park?  We need to send the message to the Town Council and the community that there are a lot of us.  Our support is large and strong in West Hartford.  We must be taken seriously.

There is something you can do to help, it’s not a lot of effort, and it’s fun:

Join us to walk in the Memorial Day Parade

Like I said, it’s fun.  Bystanders cheer.  And the parade ends with a reviewing stand with all the politicians.  Imagine the impression that a sea of white shirts and dogs walking by will make.  The more who join us, the bigger the impression we can make.  Wear a new WHDPC Tee shirt, and we’ll really show them.

Big participation in other events sends the message as well.  The Pooch Plunge, scheduled for August 22, is not only fun, but a statement of support. There is always press and TV coverage, so it’s an opportunity to get our message out.

UConn starts classes downtown in September 2017.  With luck and a little effort, we can have our dog park by the end of next year.  Join us May 30.